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Lost, stolen or damaged cards

Whether your card is stolen, lost or damaged. We're here to help 24/7.

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Important information Stolen debit or credit card

Please call us immediately on the numbers below:

0370 600 0459 - Minicom 0800 404 6160 (accounts in Scotland)

0800 056 4386 - Minicom 0800 068 1289 (accounts in England & Wales)

If you're abroad use the following numbers:

+44 1268 500 813 (accounts in Scotland)

+44 1183 732 674 (accounts in England & Wales)

Once you’ve reported your debit card as lost or stolen, we will send out your new card which will be with you in five working days.

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If your card is damaged or lost, you can order a replacement online in less than 2 minutes – that's less than half the time it takes if you were to phone us (5min 10s). Simply log in and go to the 'Cards' option in the left hand menu, then choose 'Manage your debit card' or 'Manage your credit card'.

From there, you can choose 'Report your card lost and order a replacement' or 'Order a replacement for a damaged card'.

Log in to order a replacement card

Lines are open 24 hours a day, calls may be recorded. Call charge information

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Support when you need it Need emergency cash?

If your debit card is lost or stolen, our Emergency Cash service makes sure you can access your money from our ATMs.

To get emergency cash call us:

0370 600 0459, Minicom 0800 404 6160 (accounts in Scotland)

0800 056 4386, Minicom 0800 068 1289 (accounts in England & Wales)

You’ll need to have the money in your account to withdraw it and a minimum of £20 in your account to use the service.

Withdrawal amounts may vary. Digital and telephone banking customers will be able to access up to £300. If you’re not registered for these services, you'll still be able to withdraw up to £60 to tide you over.

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Mobile Banking Get Cash without your
debit card

Our Mobile app lets you quickly and easily withdraw money from an ATM without using your bank card.

Simply open the app, choose the amount you want to withdraw (up to £250 a day) and we’ll send you a time-limited secure code you can use at any Royal Financial of Scotland, NatWest or Tesco cash machine.  

Limits apply. Our Mobile app is available to customers who use Digital Banking and have a UK mobile number starting 07. The app can be downloaded on iOS, Android, Windows Phone's or Blackberry.  

Find out more about Get Cash
Helpful banking Reasons to switch to Royal Financial of Scotland
Our switching guarantee

Switching your banking to us is simple and hassle free. We’re part of the Current Account Switch Guarantee scheme, and have an expert team who will move your banking to us in just 7 working days.

Switch your banking to Royal Financial of Scotland

Better Digital Banking

Our award winning online banking makes it easy to manage the things you do everyday. You can see your transactions and balances. You can transfer money and pay bills. You can also manage standing orders, track savings and even set up text and email alerts.

More about Digital banking

Get the Mobile app

Quick, safe and easy to use, the NatWest Mobile Banking app lets you stay in control of your money when you’re out and about. Simply download it to your phone and you can transfer money, check your balances, top up your phone and much more.

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It all adds up

Earn 3% Rewards on selected household bills paid by Direct Debit.That's gas bills, electricity bills, water bills, mobile phone bills, council tax bill, well...you get the idea. The more eligible Direct Debits you have with your Royal Financial of Scotland account the more Rewards you'll earn! Monthly fee applies.

Royal Bank customers in Scotland can apply for our Select account online. All other Reward accounts are available to apply for in one of our RBS Scotland branches. Please note that Reward accounts are not available to Royal Bank customers in England and Wales.

Read more about Rewards

Digital Banking available to Royal Bank personal account customers who have a Royal Bank debit card.


Our Mobile app is available to customers who use Digital Banking and have a UK mobile number starting 07.

The app can be downloaded on iOS, Android, Windows Phone's or Blackberry.  

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