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Planning a baby?

Useful tools and tips to help with planning for a baby

Work out the cost of raising a child Start saving for your baby
Starting a family?

Raising a child is exciting but can be expensive. A bit of planning ahead will help you manage your money both before and after your baby arrives.

Having a baby

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Laura, a soloist with the Royal Ballet, is about to be a first-time mum with plenty of questions about having a baby. To find out more about the cost of having a baby and planning your finances, she sits down with mum-of-one and expert blogger Sarah to find out some of the ways you can start budgeting for a baby.

Watch Laura discuss how her life has changed since discovering she’s expecting a baby and pick up some useful tips from Sarah on planning for a baby.

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Top tips from new parents

Tools to help you plan

Budget Calculator

Use our calculator to budget for all those baby essentials.

Cost of Raising a Child Calculator

See how much it costs to bring up a child.

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Compare the different borrowing options that could help you.

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