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App available to customers with Digital Banking and a UK mobile number

Here's why our app may be right for you

Fingerprint login 

Using fingerprint login on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone? Then that’s also your quickest and most secure way to log into the app. 

To set it up, first log into the app with your existing passcode, then click the ‘More’ button at the bottom of the screen. Open the ‘Settings’ menu and that’s where you’ll find the option to enable fingerprint login. 


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Important Information


Touch ID and Android Fingerprint are available on selected Apple and Android devices.



Check your balance

Wondering if that refund is back your account yet, or fancy checking your balance? You can do this anytime, anywhere.

With our app you can see all your Royal Bank balances - current account, credit card, mortgage and savings. 

You can also personalise your account view to suit you. Once you have logged into the app, tap the three dots (...) in the top right hand corner of any of your accounts. 

  1. Edit your account nickname - change the name of your accounts to help you recognise them easily. e.g. Holidays, Bills, etc.
  2. Share account details - if a friends owes you money, send your details via text in just a few taps. No need to find a pen or paper!
  3. Manage your alerts - choose which of our text/emails alerts you want to receive on this account.
  4. Hide your balance - Handy if you don't want to dip into your savings or view your mortgage balance.
  5. Reorder accounts - You accounts will automatically display in alphabetical order, if you want to this then it's a simple tap and drag with this feature.
Personalise your account view

A screenshot of the menu options within the Royal Bank of Scotland banking app

View your transaction details

Don't recognise a payment on your transaction list? Tap it to learn more.

We have recently improved the amount of information displayed within our app to help you keep track of your account.

Tap on your transaction to show additional details such as;

  • The name of the company
  • The date of the transaction
  • How the payment was made e.g. contactless
  • The last 4 digits of the card used to make the payment

If you are still unsure about the payment then tap 'Find out more' to visit our Transaction Support Zone.

If you don't recognise a payment on your statement it could be because the company you have made a payment to may have a different trading name from the one you expect.

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View your transaction details

Screenshot of the new information available within the Royal Bank of Scotland banking app

Pay Someone New

Need to pay a friend or tradesman? You can use your app to pay anyone up to £250 with just their account number and sort code. You don’t need a card reader or to have paid them before using Digital Banking.

Want to pay a friend or tradesman? It simple using the app and you don't need to have your card reader to hand.


You can make up to 5 payments totalling £250 per day using the app, however the payee details will not be saved so you may want to keep those details for another time.

To pay someone new:

  1. Choose your current account then tap ‘Payments’. 
  2. On the next screen, choose ‘Select payee’.
  3. Then ‘Pay someone new’ (at the top of the screen)
  4. Enter the payee name, account details.
  5. Choose a reference and confirm your payment.  

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Pay someone new

Screenshot of the 'Pay someone new' screen within the Royal Bank of Scotland banking app

For security reasons, the first time you use a feature that allows money to leave your account with the mobile app, you will be asked to confirm a second activation code.

Register your travel plans with us

Just let us know 24 hours before you set off. You can create one travel plan at a time, for a maximum period of 90 days, that includes up to seven countries.

The travel plan will apply to the debit card in your name only - joint account holders should register separately through their own app.

It's simple to do this;

  1. Select the 'More' menu
  2. Tap 'Going Abroad'
  3. Tap 'Add Destination'

Holiday planning is a hugely exciting time, and good planning will make sure you can relax and enjoy when you’re there.

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Travel Plans

Screenshots of the new 'Travel Plan' feature in the Royal Bank of Scotland banking app.

Control your text alerts settings

Our text alerts are sent straight to your mobile – meaning they keep you up to date, as often as you’d like. 

We can let you know when you’ve slipped into your overdraft, or send you a simple balance update at the same time every week – and more.

You can view and amend these through your app:

  1. Select the 'More' menu
  2. Tap 'Alerts'
  3. Tap the account that you want to set the alert on
  4. View the different types of alerts and turn on/off as you wish
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